Maintaining your magnetic sunglasses tips and tricks

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With magnetic sunglasses, looking effortlessly cool and soaking up in the sun has never been easier. Not only are these shades stylish to wear, but they’re also one of the most practical wearables. And in order to keep them ready for any occasion, a little maintenance on a regular basis is important. In this article, we’ll share some of the easiest tips and tricks to make sure your magnetic sunglasses are ready for action whenever you need them.

Gentle Cleansing Goes A Long Way

Everyone knows how annoying it is to get smudges on our sunglasses, and cleaning them is just as important as wearing them. So, regular gentle cleansing is necessary to keep our magnetic sunglasses in tip-top shape. Make sure you use a microfiber cloth to gently wipe smudge and dirt from your magnetic sunglasses. And don’t use too much strength on it. Wipe them gently, or else you’ll be risking scratches on your shade, making them cloudy.


On that note, stay away from using paper towels or tissues to clean. Microfiber clothes are like a cozy blanket for your magnetic sunglasses, and that’s the one you always should use. That way, you can easily clean smudges and fingerprints with the least effort.


Beach Awareness

Chilling on a beach is the perfect way to spend some off days, and how can you enjoy it without your trusty magnetic sunglasses? However, as fun as it is, you should take care of your glasses a bit carefully on your beach days. Both saltwater and sand can slowly destroy your glasses, and that’s not all. Saltwater can leave behind salt deposits on your shades that make it unusable slowly.


Just like saltwater, sand is also one of the most effective silent assassins for your magnetic sunglasses. The gritty nature of sand can easily cause scratches on your glass, and that can destroy its usability. In both cases of saltwater and sand, the solution is easy enough. In case it’s sand you’re dealing with, make sure to shake off excess sand from your shades. And then, for both cases of sand or salt deposits, make sure to rinse them under fresh water. Don’t use saltwater to wash them, and only use fresh water. And don’t use any harsh chemicals to clean your magnetic glasses, either.


Safely Storing After Use

Make sure you don’t store your magnetic glasses among keys and loose change. That won’t end well for your cool shades, which goes without saying. Consider getting a sturdy sunglasses case to keep them safe when you’re not using them. This can help them avoid scratches or bumps. This can give your magnetic sunglasses a higher longevity. Magnets can be sensitive to other electrical devices, including smartphones and credit cards. Be sure to keep them away from each other to avoid any magnetic interference.


Be Careful When Using

Magnetic glasses have a satisfying pull, and you may be tempted to experiment with them. But that can be problematic. So, resist fiddling with them when you’re not using your trusty magnetic shades. If you fiddle with them excessively, it can lead to wear and tear issues.


Check For Loose Screws

Make sure you check the little screws of your magnetic sunglasses that keep everything together. Loose screes on your shades can give you trouble regarding alignments, and that is not practical at all. So, make sure you tighten them up if you notice some of them got loose. It’s one of the small efforts that can turn out to be a big advantage.


Keep Them In Cool Places

When not using, keep your magnetic sunglasses in a cool place and not on hot surfaces that soak up the sun in their free time. Technically, your magnetic sunglasses are there for you on sunny days. But that doesn’t mean you have to keep them in sunny spots all the time when not using them. Extreme heat can not only warp the glasses; it can be highly damaging to the magnetic parts of your magnetic sunglasses. Direct high temperature is a major weakness of magnets, and that’s why you need to keep them away from heated surfaces when you’re not using them.


Avoid placing them on your car where the sun makes the temperature go sky-high. So, instead of handling them carelessly, keep them in a cool place inside a sturdy sunglass case, as we mentioned a bit earlier. This can ensure the longevity of your sunglass and the magnetic mojo it has.


Tune Them Up From Time to Time

Just like you’d tune up your cars on a regular basis, your magnetic sunglasses can benefit the same way. Make sure you inspect both the lenses and frames for any possible tear and wear signs. Aside from that, also make sure the hinges are working properly. This can help you prevent any issues from becoming serious over time. Inspecting your magnetic glasses for potential wear and tear doesn’t take much time. Checking them every now and then can help you strengthen their longevity by a lot.


If you manage to find any issues beforehand, the need to panic goes away. That’s because most issues are fixable and are within proper repair. A visit to a professional eyewear specialist can take care of it in no time. However, suppose you wait for any issues with your magnetic sunglasses to become even more serious. In that case, the possibility of dealing with the damage becomes more difficult. These issues include wrong alignments as well as wobbles.


Rainy Day Troubles

You can’t always avoid raindrops on your head, and that’s the same with your magnetic sunglasses as well. But don’t panic over it since you can use the easiest methods to deal with them. If your shades do get wet, make sure to dry them with soft cloth or microfibers. Don’t use any tissues either, as we’ve already mentioned. And don’t try any type of heating material to dry off the water, or it can cause massive damage as well.


Bottom Line

A little care for your magnetic sunglasses can turn out to be hugely beneficial. With our practical tips to take care of your cool shades, you’ll have them at your side for years to come. So take good care of your magnetic sunglasses and enjoy the sun kiss with grace!



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